The Kumudu Waterski Villas

Where can you go to waterski and spend a great vacation at the same time? Sure, there are great man-made waterskiski lakes with the water. And there are many phantastic hotels to spend a vacation. But, places to ski and have a great time with your non-skiing partner or friends are hard to find.

We had such a place in mind when we designed the Kumudu waterski villas. The wind sheltered Kumudu lagoon on the island of Sri Lanka offers perfect waterski conditions and has been our favorite winter waterski spot for many years. Holger Brümmer, the 2015 German runner-up Slalom champion, had been operating his waterski school on that lagoon for 8 years and we both decided to go one step further and build the ultimate vacation spot for water skiers.

So we walked the shoreline to find the optimal position for our dream spot. We found it close to end of the lagoon, at the end of the Kumudu hotel, where you have a beautiful view to the complete slalom course and the close ocean at the same time. We rammed a pole into the ground and decided to plan and build all the facilities around that viewpoint. We positioned the pool, the villas and the jetty in a distance of only 10 meters from that viewpoint.

That pole has been long gone, but there is no need to tell you were it was. When you enter the Kumudu villa resort, you will automatically walk there… Located on the corner of the first villas terrace, it offers a breathtaking view to the full slalom course embedded in its tropical palm tree arena. The villas on your left, the private pool on your right and the the huge terrace with the hammocks in your back. It couldn’t be better.

When we designed the villas, we did not want to build another classic sterile, sealed off, deluxe hotel room. You can find that in any luxury hotel around the globe. We wanted to create a unique place that fully covers the needs of water skiers. We made no compromise on that. We turned the orientation of the villa to give you the perfect view to the course. As active water skiers, we know that everybody wants to stay as close to the action as possible. So, we opened the villa walls facing the lagoon and the pool with three massive 9 meter long foldable glass doors, opening half of the villa to the action. When you slide them open, there is no big difference between inside and outside. You can even watch the ski action from the sofa! The opened walls let a breeze of air travel through the villa and carry the sounds and smell of the nearby jungle.

The large terrace connects to the living room through the opened glass doors. It’s the central point of the resort. Watch your friends ripping the slalom course and the kids playing in the pool. When it’s your turn, you grab your ski and descend few steps to the jetty. It is only 5 meters from the terrace.

The “Kumudu villas resort”

The two “Kumudu villas” are more than just two houses. It’s more like a private resort with a large private area, pool, jetty and more fun stuff like stand up paddle boards, a barbecue grill, hammocks etc.

The resort is located and embedded in the Kumudu hotel. The idea is to have a private resort, services and security of a hotel at the same time. You can close the fence doors to shut of the resort area from the hotel for full privacy. Or, you can open the doors to take advantage of the hotel services, restaurant and the hotel pool.

The villas

Each villa has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a large living room. The villa size is 100 square meters with an additional 30 square meter terrace. The construction and furniture meets the high European standard and style. Most of the interior, like the kitchen and sofas, have been imported from Germany. The same goes for all the equipment. We wanted to make it perfect. No ugly wall mounted TV screens but a large HD flat screen with blue ray player.

The waterski lagoon:

The water in the lagoon is a dream for waterski slalom enthusiasts. Always top conditions. Warm, no waves and no current. The water is half sweet, half salt water. The length and width of the lagoon is just big enough for a regular slalom course. It is perfectly sheltered against the wind by palm trees and the dense vegetation. The water is almost always perfect for waterskiing and there never was a day we could not ski. And what’s best: the water temperature never falls below 30° Celsius/ 86° Fahrenheit 🙂

The pool:

Waterskiing is so exhausting that you need most of your daytime to recover from skiing. That is why we built a large relax zone with sun loungers and hammocks. Directly in front of the villas is the kidney shaped 15 meter sweet water pool. Its depth is 1,50 on the left and 1,20 m on the right. In the center of the pool resides a water lounge for up to four people. Air tubes are installed under the seats for a jacuzzi effect. Imagine relaxing on the sparkling lounge with a fresh fruit juice in your hand after your slalom set 🙂


Sri Lanka is a fantastic country with many natural and cultural places to see. The tea plantations in the mountains, the jungle, the temples and the wildlife. On my first trip to Sri Lanka I took the classic mass-tourist excursions. That is OK, but when you stay at the Kumudu there is a much better option. Instead of being pulled through the elephant orphanage with 30 more tourists, you can book a tour with a private driver and guide. This makes a huge difference, since you can decide how long you will stay and what you want to see.

Also, you can plan your excursions according to your waterski plans. A typical setup would be to ski for two days and plan an excursion to the elephant orphanage or the famous Sigiria rock on day three. On that trip, you can recover from the infamous “day three muscle strains.” 🙂

More interesting stuff:

The villas are a part of the Kumudu hotel and so you profit from all the hotel services. You can take your breakfast and lunch in the hotel restaurant or have it delivered to the villas. The resort is only 20 minutes from the airport. You can reach the ocean by foot or by paddleboard in five minutes.

We accept up to 8 skiers per day to guarantee a relaxed and stress-free skiing. Of course, you can bring more guests, like your non-skiing partner, friends and kids. You can also bring more friends and let them reside in the Kumudu hotel. The most adjacent Hotel bungalow is only 20 meters from the villas.

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Accommodation Type

Two 100 square meter villas on a gated private area
Two bedrooms with double beds, AC and fan

Jetty and Ski and relax area

Floating wooden 5 by 5 meter platform for waterski and paddle board departures
Extra shower for skiers, skis and equipment
Two stand up paddle boards
Four sun loungers


Huge 40 square meter terrace
Table, chairs, Hammocks
BBQ grill

Living room

Big, high quality leather sofa
Flat screen TV, Blue ray player
Stereo, inside and outside loudspeaker boxes


One bathroom with hot/cold showers

Kitchen & Dining

Stove, oven, refridgerator
Coffee machine
Tableware cutlery etc.


Room & laundry service
Linens provided
Air conditioning
High-speed wireless Internet
Excursions to Sri Lanka’s popular touristic destinations
Airport pickup service (takes only 20 minutes)


Large, 6 by 14 meter, sweet water pool
Underwater jacuzzi lounge


Waterskiing with Holger Brümmer, German national slalom vice champion -> Link to Holgers website with photos and videos
Kite surfing, fishing


Rates depend on season. Please get in touch with us.