When we designed the villas, we did not want to build another classic

sterile, sealed off, deluxe hotel room. You can find that in any luxury hotel around the globe. We wanted to create a unique place that fully covers

the needs of water skiers.


We made no compromise on that.

We turned the orientation of the villa to give you the perfect view to

the course. As active water skiers, we know that everybody wants to

stay as close to the action as possible. So, we opened the villa walls

facing the lagoon and the pool with three massive 9 meter long foldable

glass doors, opening half of the villa to the action. When you slide them

open, there is no big difference between inside and outside. You can

even watch the ski action from the sofa! The opened walls let a breeze

 of air travel through the villa and carry the sounds and smell

of the nearby jungle.


The large terrace connects to the living room through the opened

 glass doors. It’s the central point of the resort. Watch your friends

ripping the slalom course and the kids playing in the pool.

When it’s your turn, you grab your ski and descend few steps

to the jetty. It is only 5 meters from the terrace.